“Like Mikhail Baryshnikov or Nadia Comaneci, Giuseppe Condello comes very close to realizing the potential of the human form becoming a machine of consummate beauty.”

Garth Cramer

The Tribune

Winnipeg, Canada


“I was struck by the extremely high level of skill exhibited by Giuseppe in his performance and by his use of mime to evoke a wide range of emotions and to create a whole poetic world using only his body. He has that certain intensity that I have witnessed over the years as a photographer in people with a truly great gift that has been brought to full maturity. “

                                Laurence Acland Photography

                                                       Toronto, Canada


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“Like all fine art and poetry, we interpret what we see from our own emotional experiences. What I saw was a beautiful, gentle person going through the pain of life.“         

Stan Coles


Toronto, Canada


"Giuseppe - Thank you for an absolutely enchanting performance!“

        Phillip Silver, Dean

      Faculty of Fine Arts

York University

           Toronto, Canada


“Condello’s International Mime Festival brings best talent from around the world...Mime presentation delightfully grotesque...Kids love mime.”

Gaylene Dempsey

The Metro One

Winnipeg, Canada


“This elegant and professional mime artist is amazing to watch...he shared some serious art with us...an amazing artist and a rich history.”

Kevin Campbell

the Jenny Revenue


“Using his trim muscular frame and controlled movements worthy of a tai chi master, Giuseppe Condello - astoundingly fit at age 66 - studied with the master himself.  For those interested in stage movements or the background of mime beyond the silly stereotypes - a rare opportunity.”

Janice Sawka

Winnipeg Free Press


“One thing that struck me was Condello's commanding presence on stage.  Dressed in a simple undershirt and nondescript corduroy pants, he is nonetheless able to grab and  hold your attention through his movement alone.  His movement is very graceful and remarkably fluid.  Also apparent is his unwavering concentration and balance which doesn't allow for the slightest gesture to seem out of place.  Also striking was how perfectly his movement seemed synchronized with the music.  Also worth mentioning is that at the end of the show Condello took a few questions from the audience and graciously offered to remain after the show to speak with anyone who had any further questions, which struck me as very classy on his part.  I found this show to be both entertaining and educational...”

Terry Moor

University of Manitoba CJUM-FM Radio


“My dear master and friend! I've been thinking a lot of what I learned from you as people recognize the mime on me. I wish I could be next to you to go visit and learn from you more. As you know it's been a month that I'm rehearsing the NutCracker and today the director who is a good actor too asked me where did I study. When I told him, he said it had to be cause no conservatory actors have that kind of body expression...this makes me wanna learn more!...your performance at the Four Seasons on your website...what an inspiration!!...Your knowledge will also be present in Lisbon in a full Theatre!! “

Miguel  Freire, Actor

Lisbon, Portugal,


“Giuseppe Condello is a Master Mime who calls Canada home.  It is an honor to have him represent as the Canadian component to this exchange between Canada and Finland.”

Andrew Miller, Artistic Director

Cirque North Festival

Toronto, Canada



Photo Models: Giuseppe Condello, Kathryn Condello, Anthony Condello, Mayumi Seiler,

Etienne Decroux, Jean-Louis Barrault, Marcel Marceau, Eliane Guyon, Agnes Zsigovics,

Teri Dunn, Eric Lussier, Sanni Sarlin, Kaito Takayama, Ilona Jantti,

Photos by: E.B.Weill, Ernest Mayer, Laurence Acland, Ruth Condello, Paul Martens, Carl Hyatt,

40 Below Mime Inc., Catherine Canham, Tariq Kieran, Wayne Glowacki       

Copyright © Giuseppe Condello 2006.  All Rights Reserved